Aging vehicles and lack of care are some of the most common reasons why your car may break down on the side of the road and AAA believes that they will be rescuing more than 8 million drivers this summer when those vehicles ultimately fall apart and are no longer able to operate. In 2017, nearly 70% of the roadside assistance calls put in to AAA were for vehicles aged 10 years and older, while only one-third of calls were for newer vehicles, aged 9 years and younger.

AAA recommends that motorists decrease their chances of a breakdown by getting the vehicles road trip ready for summer travel. An overheated cooling system, a flat tire or a battery that stops working on a hot summer day can all put your car on the side of the road. Any vehicle that is 10 years older is four times as likely to encounter a roadside problem that is so critical that it requires a tow to repair facility. Vehicles of any age can always benefit from a thorough check from the owner regarding the engine, battery, and tires before leaving on a summer excursion.

This tip alone can help to minimize many of the most common problems that could put you on the side of the road during your summer road trip. If you have recently been involved in an accident with another driver who did not take appropriate care of their car, you may have grounds to pursue a legal claim for compensation. Set aside time to talk to an experienced attorney today. Avoid being rescued on the side of the road by following regular maintenance guidelines.