Our auto accident lawyers in San Diego have some questions regarding a new piece of California legislation that will make auto accident insurance cheaper for the occasional Golden State motorist.

According to LAist, State Farm Insurance wants to utilize a law approved last year that would let auto insurance providers give discounted rates for motorists that only drive their car every once in a while.

Auto accident insurance might be cheaper if you only use your vehicle here and there.

Auto accident insurance rates might be less for the infrequent California driver. (Source: aalorber via LAist Featured Photos)

“It’s just common sense that Californians who choose to drive less should have an option to pay less for auto insurance,” said Insurance Commissioner and California gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner.  “The voluntary pay-as-you-drive initiative is a cutting-edge program that will allow insurers to offer these plans without compromising consumer privacy.  I hope other insurers follow suit and join State Farm in offering this product.”

In the past, our firm has weighed the cost-benefits of paying higher auto accident insurance rates every month as opposed to waiting for an accident to happen and being swallowed in debt by medical bills and property damage costs.  Will this be an example of profits-over-people where California drivers are uninsured when they need it during an auto accident?

As Poizner has explains, auto accident insurance rates for State Farm customers can be reduced based on actual mileage as opposed to estimated mileage, measured by a “technological device” or having an agent review mechanic facility data.  This plan is still awaiting approval, but State Farm customers would see a drop in their monthly rates if they are found to drive 500 miles less annually than originally thought. Our firm’s San Diego auto accident lawyers want to join LAist in asking the following questions:

  • What happens when you drive more than anticipated, say a road trip or an emergency that is out of town?
  • How much more will you pay if you are in an auto accident and are found to have been driving more than originally calculated (over the 500 miles)?
  • Is this under-insuring California motorists and will it cost them more should an una auto accident happen?

Beware of getting sold insurance that will not help you in the long run.  For all current and future State Farm customers, it is best that you research this new plan and, if it is approved, find out if it is the right kind of coverage for you.  The one thing you don’t want on the road is to be without auto accident insurance that has your best interest in mind.

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