Being on a bike is an excellent opportunity to get extra exercise and take in the sunshine. Bike shares are popping up in cities all over the country and an increasing number of employees are looking to get to work on just two wheels.

That combined with the fact that more people are peddling bikes for fitness and fresh air reasons and traffic concerns, means that it’s important to understand the connection between collisions and cars and bikes. Being visible is one of the most important steps that a bicyclist can take in order to decrease his or her chances of an accident.

Daytime running lights can be beneficial for allowing other drivers to see you more easily. Riders who were using permanent running lights had a 19% less chance of being seriously injured, in a recent study. Reflective clothing can also decrease your chances of a car and bike accident by 40%.

Being predictable by following the rules of the road and giving plenty of space between you and other motorists is extremely important for decreasing your accident chances. The majority of accidents involving cars and bikes happen in intersections. This happens most often when a car turning right slams into a cyclist without seeing him or her, causing bike collisions.

A car might also pull out into the intersection directly into a cyclist or in front of one of them. Some other tips that can help cyclists avoid serious car and bike collisions include:
· Be careful passing on the right.
· Stay out of a driver’s blind spot.
· Ride further left.
· Make eye contact where possible.