Walk on, Bono, walk on.

E! Online has recently reported that the U2 singer has recovered from his spinal cord injury treatments and is back on his feet, ready to hit the ground running…er, walking slowly at first and gradually get back to making music.

Bono finished surgery on his spinal cord injury, now on to physical therapy.

The front man for U2 was temporary paralyzed in an accident a few weeks ago and was rushed to a hospital in Germany for emergency spinal cord injury treatment and surgery on his back.  Several days ago, he was walking along the French Riviera.

“I was joking earlier on that this is probably the most rest he’ll have in decades, you know the few weeks after the operation,” said band mate The Edge on U2’s website.  “But the other thing we have to make sure is that he does follow the doctor’s orders in terms of the program of rehabilitation because knowing him again he’ll probably want to take some short cuts and sort of get ahead of himself.”

Doctors diagnosed Bono with temporary paralysis after the incident occurred, but now they are saying that his outlook for recovery is “excellent.”  His art and creativity will not be stifled for long, and according to sources, Bono and the boys are set to rehearse in August and get their 360-Degree world tour back on track.

The tour was put on hold, as were plans to headline the 40th anniversary of the U.K.’s legendary Glastonbury Festival (for which Bono and U2 had composed a commemorative song) when Bono’s paralyzing accident happened.

The 50-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer has two months of physical therapy ahead of him and needs to take very good care of himself to avoid a spinal cord injury in the near future.  With any luck, he’ll be back to rocking our worlds in no time.

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