Pedestrian accidents are getting more attention in San Diego. Numerous highways and freeways located in the San Diego area have been outfitted with signs saying “Be alert, pedestrians don’t have armor”. These were located among the business commuter paths around the city of San Diego and the electronic signs are the result of a partnership between the California Highway Patrol, the California Department of Transportation and the State Office of Safety. Pedestrian accidents happen all too often and even worse, many of them could be prevented.

Both pedestrians and motorists have a responsibility for preventing pedestrian accidents and the gruesome injuries often associated with them. A pedestrian may have to spend weeks in the hospital recovering after being struck by a vehicle.

The purpose of these signs is to make individuals more aware of the serious risks associated with the pedestrian accidents. A pedestrian involved in a vehicle accident, particularly, with a bigger vehicle such as a big rig could have injuries that could shape the remainder of his or her life.

The vulnerability of pedestrians is a serious issue because these individuals may never be able to fully recover from their injuries or return to work. Those individuals hurt or killed in pedestrian accidents will have ripple effects in terms of numerous financial costs and implications for the family members as well. The signs were put up in an effort to stop the rising numbers of individuals who are killed in pedestrian accidents across roadways in California. If you or someone you know has already suffered the consequences of a serious pedestrian accident, you may be entitled to recover compensation by consulting with an experienced attorney and filing a personal injury claim.

Although no amount of money can ever change your life to the way it was prior to the accident, compensation may be able to assist you with recovering from your injuries and moving forward with your life.