Good news if you are in a car accident in Chula Vista and are found to be at-fault:  you won’t be billed by the city.  At least, not yet.

The San Diego Union Tribune is reporting that the vote to implement at “crash tax” and charge at-fault drivers for car accidents costs had been delayed for the second time.  The tax would help foot the cost of property damage clean up and medical transportation expenses by billing the driver found responsible for the crash.

Tax that would charge at-fault drivers for Chula Vista car accidents has been delayed for second time.

A final count of 4-1 votes by the Chula Vista City Council on June 15, 2010 postponed the decision to charge at-fault motorists for damage control costs accrued during local car accidents.  These drivers would be responsible for paying for gasoline and antifreeze spill clean-ups, as well as medical bills involving paramedic and airlift transportation to nearby hospitals.

North County Fire in Fallbrook and San Miguel Fire in East County have adopted this “crash tax” already, only then to have National City joining in last month with the same policy.

The city council decided to delay the passing of the “crash tax” bill for another month while they cleared up any loose ends with local insurance companies concerning rate changes for auto insurance policy holders if this particular ordinance go into effect.

Many Chula Vista residents are worried that they will have to pay more for their auto insurance if the city decides to sign a third-party contract to bill an at-fault driver’s insurance provider for these types of expenses.

Our Chula Vista car accident lawyers want to know more about this “crash tax”, specifically what the benefits are and what the downsides could potentially be.  Hopefully it will make drivers think twice about the cost of a car accident before they decide to take a reckless chance on the road.

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