Victims of catastrophic car accidents including pile-ups and rollovers can suffer a number of different types of injuries. One that is not always simple to detect but can cause debilitating pain is a crush injury. This happens when a body part is subjected to a high degree of pressure or force such as being squeezed under a heavy object in a car accident. This can lead to significant complications. The most common crush injury complications include hyperkalemia, nerve injuries, fractures, bruising and bleeding, lacerations, rhabdomyolysis or compartment syndrome.

Although the majority of crush injuries occur in natural disasters like earthquakes and tornados, it is important for victims to realize that the pain they are experiencing, that has not yet been diagnosed by a doctor, could actually be an indication of a crush injury. Doctors do not come across crush injuries on a regular basis in trauma and therefore may struggle to diagnose you properly.

When these are encountered, however, they can be fatal and life-changing. Diagnosing a crush injury immediately will give you the best possible chance to mitigate your injuries and determine your next steps for treatment. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the potential of a crush injury. If you are still experiencing pain and the doctor has told you that it should subside after a period of time and it has not, consulting with a specialist may be recommended to figure out whether or not you have suffered a crush injury.