Anyone who’s lived in San Diego County for any period of time has heard what happens when it rains in the area, but it turns out that weather-related crashes are not tied to just San Diego alone. The federal government provides data that indicates that weather-related crashes are a problem all over the country. According to the Federal Highway Administration’s Road Weather Management Program, which tracks statistics associated with any accident caused by weather and other data, they determined that rain is extremely dangerous for motorists around the country. An accident caused by weather is not always easily prevented, but being prepared and adjusting your speed can help you avoid accidents. 

The study mentioned above looked at what’s behind an accident caused by weather.  found the following as it relates to car accidents in the rain:

  •      More than 570,000 car accidents were reported while it was raining in just one year.
  •      This made up approximately 10% of all vehicle crashes.
  •      More than 2,700 individuals died in car accidents while it was raining representing 8% of all traffic fatalities.

Some of the most important things you can do to avoid weather-related crashes are to anticipate problems when you’re on the road. Make sure you give yourself extra time to arrive at your destination, provide as much following room as possible behind other cars, and do not slam on the brakes if you find yourself hydroplaning. If you have already been involved in an accident because of another person’s inability to drive safely in the weather, you may be entitled to recover compensation with the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer. Do not hesitate to get help if you find yourself in this position.

An accident caused by weather has the potential to shape your life in major ways. Those with serious injuries, such as those associated with a spinal cord problem, may never be able to fully recover from the injuries sustained. Waiting too long to get help could jeopardize your claim.