The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration conducted a large truck causation study to determine the reasons why 239 separate crashes involved a rolled over truck. If you know someone already dealing with life because of truck rollover crashes, they could be entitled to file an injury claim for compensation. 

If you can, anything you can do to avoid truck rollover crashes could save your life- with an 80,000 pound fully loaded truck, there may not be enough space on the road or shoulders to avoid a devastating accident.

An in-depth analysis found that approximately half were caused by failing to adjust speed to curves in the road, the condition of the brakes, road service, intersection conditions and the load being carried. The second crash contributor involved the drivers and their lack of attention, such as being distracted, falling asleep, or being inattentive in the road. A sudden direction change can also lead to a roll over. Because of the significant size and weight associated with commercial trucks, a sudden movement of the vehicle could lead to catastrophic accidents and injuries. Consulting with a personal injury lawyer may be necessary if you or someone you know has already been hurt because of truck rollover crashes.

Loads are a frequent problem with large truck rollover crashes when drivers fail to take into account the security, the height, the weight or when loading occurs before the driver is even assigned to that particular truck. Instruction and rollover prevention could help to prevent large truck rollover crashes and printed publications, as well as in-person training, can help do some of the work to make drivers more aware of the risks they may face. Furthermore, the use of video can help drivers recognize rollovers before they happen and take necessary actions to prevent them.