In the past five years, 4,700 people died — about two people per day — in automobile accidents in construction zones.

The government regulators who control safety in construction zones know the potential for car accidents within construction zones — by 2005, enough data had been collected about personal injuries and fatal accidents happening around orange-coned areas on the road — but what has been done to insure that these types of accidents are prevented?

So far, only a small dent has been made in trying to crack a major problem.

Our firm’s pedestrian accident attorneys know that car accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, but we rarely think the the men and women in charge of fixing the potholes and deadly curves on our streets might be at risk or putting themselves at risk for a grave accident.  Yet it seems the government continues to ignore the pain and suffering of families and friends who have lost loved ones in incidents like this.

Since 2005, about two wrongful deaths-per-day have occurred in car accidents that took place in construction zones. (Source: The New York Times)

Aside from allocating $27 million from President Obama’s stimulus package for highway construction, there has been little effort to improve the safety conditions of streets and freeways that are undergoing rennovations.  What little concern has been put to avoiding car accidents in construction zones has been dedicated to drivers, not the workers.

Roughly 85 percent of work zone car accidents end with wrongful death.  In an effort to increase accident prevention, states have doubled fees for speeding in construction zones and cracked down on drunk-drivers and drivers who are distracted by cellphones and iPods.  However, there continues to be neglect for the pedestrians at work on the road, who have no means of protecting themselves if a car should go out of control in an area that they are working on?

Couldn’t reinforced walls or protective barriers be put up to protect those who are vulnerable, as well as keeping motorists traveling through the work space?  What about a specialized insurance program that protects workers who are hurt by vehicles while they are on the job and gets them onsite medical treatment right away.

The experienced pedestrian accident attorneys at our firm feel that more of an effort should be made to protect both drivers and workers in construction zones.  Nobody likes to deal with construction out on the road, but hopefully — through a federal and local effort — as well as cautious motorists, the number of deaths that happen under these circumstances can be lowered signficantly in the new year.

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