Rain can be one of the top causes of car accidents, as our San Diego firm’s auto accident attorneys have often mentioned on this website.  When it rains, the roads get slick, and cars have a harder time maintaining their traction and can veer off their path.

Sadly, the San Diego Union-Tribune has reported that an emergency medical technician (EMT) has lost his life while trying to assist with a car accident on North Bound CA-163 near the Hillcrest neighborhood

While responding to another car accident, an EMT was killed when another car crashed into the wreckage.

An EMT was involved in a fatal pedestrian accident while assisting with another car accident (Source: San Diego Union-Tribune)

Earlier this morning, a car crash occurred along California state Route 163, slightly north of Washington Street.  When EMTs arrived to assist with medical treatment and put flares along side the road, one EMT was fatally struck by another vehicle in a pedestrian accident.  His name and age have not been released, only that he worked for San Diego Medical Services, a private company that has a contract with the city.

All told, 34 car accidents around the county were reported by 6 a.m., which is very high, as our auto accident attorneys know.  With the storms expected to get worse as the weekend approaches, our San Diego personal injury firm urges everyone to take precautions and slow down as the roads become slick.

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