Chest injuries after a vehicle accident in San Diego are unfortunately all too common. They can run the gamut from moderate to severe. Although seatbelt usage certainly helps to save lives and may be an important component of why you survived the accident to begin with, they can also cause severe chest injuries for anyone who live through an accident. In an accident, your seatbelt will tighten in order to hold you in place.

This can lead to numerous injuries including injuries to your internal organs, problems with your intestines, bruising, abrasions and fractures to the sternum and to the ribs. Although these injury types may be the kind that can heal relatively quickly, there can also be more severe problems like torn cartilage, tendons, ligaments or muscles. The majority of chest injuries after a car accident present in the form of tenderness or bruising at the injury’s site.

A major chest injury, however, will present with anyone who may be experiencing severe pain and is having difficulty breathing. This could indicate a problem with your blood vessels, heart or your lungs. Symptoms of shock and shortness of breath may both present in a patient suffering from this. A blow to the front of the chest can also lead to injuries to the trachea and to the lungs. The liver or spleen may also be damaged if the person has injuries that are impacting the lower or side part of their chest. When any individual is hurt in a car accident and sustains a chest injury as a result of their seatbelt, it is critical that they get medical attention right away. A comprehensive medical examination may be the only way to determine your prognosis.