Nerve injuries usually come from three primary sources: cutting, pressure, or stretching. The nervous system inside the human body connects an individual’s brain to his or her spinal cord. Anytime that this system is damaged, this can lead to long-term limitations, struggle with recovery and critical physical impairment. Nerve injuries can be severe and could lead to comprehensive treatments and healing time for accident victims. If you or someone you know has nerve injuries, monitor your health situation carefully.

More often than not, serious nerve injuries are the result of a workplace accident, a fall, or a car accident. Some of the most common injuries involving your nerves happen when the nerves in your neck are pinched. This can be caused by having too much pressure placed upon the shoulders and neck or even sleeping in an abnormal position. Usually, this situation can be treated with appropriate compresses. Crush injuries, however, are more severe type of nerve damage injury. This usually happens during a vehicle accident.

Nerve injuries can shape a patient’s life for years to come, which is why some choose to pursue a negligence or personal injury claim.

Anytime that someone is involved in a major accident, they are at risk of serious pain and potential nerve damage injury. Once a nerve has been injured, medical treatment or medication  is typically required in order for an individual to recover. In the worst case scenarios, an individual may never fully recover from the extent of his or her injuries.
If you have recently sustained a nerve injury as a result of a car accident or other similar accident due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to fight for compensation by consulting with a San Diego personal injury attorney.