A commercial driver is an individual far too frequently involved in vehicle accidents. One company based in San Diego, Netradyne, is on the edge of technology that will help or could potentially hinder the 6 million individuals who operate commercial vehicles throughout the United States.

A small device is intended to be mounted behind the rear view mirror of a van, pick-up truck or tractor trailer, capturing what the commercial driver is doing. It acts much like a command center capturing a 360-degree view of the car’s surroundings. A commercial driver in an accident can cause serious injuries for other victims, which is one of the leading reasons why technology gurus are looking for opportunities to capture what causes these accidents. Trucking companies can benefit from identifying ways to stop these negative behaviors. Trucking accidents in which the driver or the trucking company are held responsible can be extremely expensive and dangerous.

It also uses artificial intelligence to identify unsafe action, such as speeding in comparison with other cars, potential accidents on the road and tailgating and can even alert managers in relatively quick time for urgent accidents that may be about to occur. The device can store up to five driving days’ worth of video at a time and it can work with a management center that is cloud based, where fleet managers can see alerts, look at individual’s driver analytics and ensure that all drivers’ performance is on par with the requirements. The company employing the commercial driver can use this information to determine fleetwide goals as well.

A ranking system around three-digit credit scores can also be used for more complex situations where managers intend to keep track of their fleet. If you have recently been involved in an accident with a truck or other commercial vehicle, you may be entitled to recover compensation with a personal injury claim.