At Serious Accident, we usually advocate for less technology in cars so that driver distractions occur less often.  But in the case of back-bumper sensors and cameras, there might be good cause for installing them.

That’s what experts are saying after a Mountain View man injured his grandson by backing up his SUV out of the driveway and hitting the 18-month old boy, reports San Diego 6 News.  The man claims to never have seen his grandson, who managed to unlock his grandparents front door and darted behind the SUV before the pedestrian accident.

Man backing up his car accidentally hit his 18-month-old grandson who darted behind the car. (Source: San Diego CW 6)

Our firm’s San Diego car accident attorneys have experience with children’s injuries in cases such as these and we are happy to say that it looks like the boy only has some minor bruising.  That being said, catastrophic injuries and the deaths of children are often the result of pedestrian accidents like this one.

The young child was rushed to Rady’s Children Hospital for medical treatment of his bruises and minor scratching.  The family wants others to learn from this near-fatal pedestrian accident that dangers lurks backing up out of your driveway.

San Diego 6 News suggests that to prevent these types of personal injuries and pedestrian accidents, you should install rear bumper cameras and sensors that can detect if an object or person is within four yards of the rear of your vehicle.  When something does cross its path, a loud noise, as well as a camera feed directly to the dashboard, will let the driver know to stop.

Every other week in the United States, 50 children get backed over by cars pulling out of driveways, according to a report by  Of those hit every week, two of those children die as a result of their injuries.

While our stance remains firm on less technology in the car, our car accident lawyers in San Diego are willing to make an exception for this type of technology.  It can help prevent children’s injuries and fatalities of young children who might not know to not run behind a vehicle that’s about to back out — who can argue with saving lives and preventing pedestrian accidents?

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