“Because we’re flying high regardless of where we’re sitting down, we soaring like eagles to do our best to shoot toward our goals and dreams.”

These are the inspirational words of a Sherman, Texas man who was paralyzed in a football game 15 years ago and now wants to help others with spinal cord injuries, according to 12 News KXII TV.

Living with paralysis is only the beginning, not the end for one Texoma resident.

In 1995, the man was playing football, after attempting a routine tackle, he ended up on his left side, incapable of moving.  He had sustained a major spinal cord injury that left him as he is today — quadriplegic, paralyzed from the neck down.

“I remember it perfectly, going for the tackle, the next thing I know, I’m laying on my left side not able to move,” reminisced the man about his personal history.  “I went through bargaining with god and the devil and depression for three years.”

But for this man, it was more important to focus on living with paralysis rather than dwelling on the past and giving up on life, dreams, and goals altogether.  After earning his master’s degree, he decided to market himself as a resource for others dealing with the aftermath of being diagnosed with a severe spinal cord injury, offering counseling to those who fear they the chance of recovery show itself.

“Initially they’re captivated by the chair but once I open my mouth to speak and then let them know whats on the inside, I’m told they don’t even see what’s on the outside any more,” offers the man of the people he encounters every day in his small Texas hometown.

There is more that Walker wants to do to help others in physical conditions similar to his own, which is why he plans to create a support group for survivors of spinal cord injuries and call it “Fly High With SCI.”

“Seeing the ray of hope in their eyes and giving hope to the hopeless – that’s my passion,”  he said, going on to explain that if your mind can conceive it, then you can achieve it.

If you or someone else you know would like to join this support group, contact him by phone – 903-532-5656 – or email – twalker@angelsofcare.com for more information.

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