Now that school is out of session, it is especially important to pay attention to safety as it relates to children and cars. Far too many children have been critically injured or even killed as a result of a back over car accident.

More often than not, these kinds of accidents happen in parking lots when an individual is not paying attention or when the child is in a blind spot as the vehicle backs out of a parking space. The same thing can happen in a private driveway as well, causing a back over car accident.

There are several different things you can do as a driver to avoid being involved in a backover car accident like this. These accidents can leave a victim with serious physical and emotional damages. Before backing up your vehicle, for example, walk around the entirety of your car and make sure that there are no animals or children around or under your vehicle before getting in, starting it and backing up.

In addition to using a backup camera and your rearview mirror, you may wish to roll down your windows in order to verify that there are no children in the area.

When you roll down your windows, you have a better chance of hearing children and thus avoiding an accident. Finally, always back up slowly so that you have the opportunity to stop your car as soon as possible in the event that you realize that someone is behind the vehicle.

Being mindful of backing up, especially during the summer season when more children are playing outside and in areas where they could be critically injured, is essential to preventing accidents and fatalities. You should always be on the lookout for someone around or under your vehicle before driving backwards, particularly over the summer months where children are more likely to be playing in the streets or walking in parking lots.