Many people are familiar with the concept that excessive speeding can contribute to fatal car accidents. But what about driving too slowly?

You might think that it isn’t truly possible, but driving at very slow speeds can create just as dangerous consequences as a result of road hazards. Depending on how far under the speed limit someone is going, driving too slowly can even contribute to serious car accidents.

While individuals who are driving slowly may not face the high risks associated with someone speeding, individuals who are moving too slowly encourage other drivers to overtake them and this can be dangerous on a two-lane road.

A slow motorist can certainly play a part in an accident where someone behind them attempts to pass them on a two-lane road. There are significant hazards associated with some instances of slow driving. Someone moving well below the posted speed limit could also be pulled over for a traffic violation.

Even though police share that this is relatively uncommon, you can still get a ticket if your extremely slow driving behavior blocks traffic or generates other road hazards. Just use your common sense when you are behind the wheel and pull over if you are too tired or if your vehicle is incapable of moving quickly enough to keep up with the pace of traffic.

Has someone else driving too slowly already left you paying the price?