A new study has analyzed safety statistics around the school zones in San Diego to determine the ones that are most dangerous. The study ranks elementary school locations with the most bicycle, vehicle, and pedestrian accidents. Dangerous school zones make it all the more important to have safety conversations with your children about proper ways to cross the street and how to avoid being struck. Since children playing near the road or waiting to load onto a bus can be dangerous, it’s important for drivers to pay attention, but this does not always happen.

Some of the most dangerous school zones are located in urban areas. The three most dangerous elementary school neighborhoods in San Diego include:

  •       The Urban Discovery Academy Charter School in Downtown, San Diego.
  •       Euclid Elementary in City Heights
  •       Central Elementary near Ive, Interstate 15 and University Avenue

The safest school zones in San Diego were located in residential and rural neighborhoods. For example, Spencer Valley Elementary, Warner Springs Elementary and Long Follow Elementary had no accidents during 2015.
Pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle accidents can lead to devastating injuries for children who may be extremely susceptible to head and neck injuries that can compromise their development. Consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney if your child has recently been injured in an accident caused by another person’s negligence outside a school may be the only way for you to recover the compensation necessary to help your child get the needed medical care so that he or she can recover and move on.