As motorcycle accident attorneys, we know some consumers prefer riding a motorcycle to driving a car.  Motorcycles can be more of a thrill for some people, and those people prefer that thrill.

We also encourage motorcycle riders to travel safely to avoid motorcycle crashes that can cause personal injury or wrongful death.  If motorcycle accidents do happen, it is vital to have the right kind of insurance and know your rights as a motorcyclist.

One of the most important things to have before you start the engine of your motorcycle is to make sure you have proper insurance.  Some riders either overlook the importance of insurance, or they under-insure their motorcycles.  This can be bad news if a motorcycle accident causes personal injury, wrongful death or property damage while, say, going around a deadly curve too fast.

When getting motorcycle insurance, motorcyclists do not just have to insure their own vehicles.  Motorcyclists should be aware that other drivers may be under-insured.  A policy must be enough to cover more then the cost of repairing or replacing your own bike.  Also consider medical expenses in case of personal injury.

Comprehensive Umbrella Coverage that covers the riders and an uninsured or under-insured driver a rider may get into an auto accident with.  Your policy should provide coverage for at least a million dollars.  That may seem like a lot, but the policy likely only costs $10-15 more.

If you are unfortunately involved in a motorcycle crash, do not question whether or not to hire an experience motorcycle accident.  Some people file a claim on their own without knowing what to ask or who to talk to.

An experienced motorcycle attorney can give you all of the information relevant to the claims you file.  A motorcycle accident attorney can also help personalize your claim.  Insurance companies deal with thousands of claims every year, and you have a greater chance for a favorable outcome with a motorcycle attorney than without one.

Remember, you only get one chance for justice and a settlement to help pay for medical bills and property damage.

As motorcycle accident lawyers, we want to do our part in making sure motorcyclists know everything they should when they decide to ride a motorcycle.  Knowing your responsibilities in insurance and your rights after a motorcycle crash are important to make sure you are cared for if a motorcycle crash happens.

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