You don’t always have to accept the first offer presented for settlement by the insurance company. With the guidance of your lawyer, a personal injury claim may end up in a negotiation where you can present your side of the case and the insurance company can respond with an offer. If your case does get to this level, however, you’ll want a lawyer to help you determine whether the offer is fair and how to respond.

Not every case is right for negotiation, but if you’re successful, you can end the process of being in court and walk away with the compensation you need to recover.

Did you know that you may be able to resolve your personal injury claim outside of court? A critical negotiations strategy can have a major impact on obtaining the settlement you need. A lot goes on at this stage and the right injury lawyer at your side can be extremely helpful. You do not have to accept the first offer presented by your insurance company or another party.  Knowing how the insurance claim process works and the role of negotiation can help you.

Insurance adjusters can be fierce negotiators and sometimes they may even try to rely on your lack of knowledge. The settlement negotiation process is typically handled the same way. Negotiating with persistence and patience is key because many insurance companies may assume that you will eventually give up on fighting this claim. One of the best things you could do to protect the integrity of your car insurance claim is to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer at the outset of filing your claim.

This is because injury attorneys often know the landscape and the manner in which many insurance adjusters try to minimize or deny your claim altogether. Having the right attorney to speak on your behalf gives you the opportunity to get the medical treatment that you need without having to worry about the overwhelming and frustrating aspects of handling a personal injury claim.