The San Diego Police Department is currently conducting a pedestrian and bicycle safety enforcement operation with enforcement on collision causing factors that may hurt bicyclists, motorists and pedestrians. This means that they will use routine traffic patrols to look at trouble spots and deploying targeted patrols to crack down on pedestrians or drivers who violate traffic laws. Traffic laws in place throughout San Diego and the rest of the state are designed to protect all users of the roadway.

The department has worked to map out locations over the previous 3 years where bicycle and pedestrian collisions have occurred, in conjunction with any violations that led to those crashes.

Officers are looking for traffic offenses made by bicyclists, pedestrians, and drivers that could lead to catastrophic injuries. Special attention will be focused by the San Diego Police Department on any drivers making illegal turns, failing to stop for signals and signs, speeding and failing to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. Pedestrian fatalities are on the rise throughout California as more people are making use of non-motorized transportation opportunities.

The San Diego Police Department has already investigated thousands of injury-related and fatal collisions involving pedestrians and bicyclists over the last several years. In 2013, California was home to more than 700 pedestrian deaths, making up more than 23% of the roadway fatalities across the entire state. If you have already been hurt in a pedestrian accident in San Diego, you may have grounds to pursue a personal injury claim.