A bill is currently working its way through the California Senate that would enhance the safety features on the Coronado Bay Bridge. San Diego-based senator, Ben Hueso introduced Senate Bill 480 recently and later added an amendment for an unspecified amount of funds that would go towards construction of safety barriers on the bridge and increase maintenance costs. Among other types of accidents, trucking collisions or accidents involving vehicles falling off that bridge have been a growing concern. 


According to the senator, safety was the primary goal. The bill, if passed, could take up to one year to go into effect. Part of the motivation for this bill is the fact that in October 2016, four individuals were killed at a rally being held under the bridge, when a truck plunged off the ramp and crushed them. The individual charged in that crash was drunk at the time. More than 73,000 cars pass over the Coronado Bay Bridge on a daily basis.


Other known incidents of cars flying off the bridge on the ground below have been documented in the past. According to other reports as well, it is the third deadliest suicide bridge across the country, helping to spur action to increase safety measures as well. More LED lights and signs talking about safe driving are also in the works for the bridge and California Highway Patrol will be located on the bridge during major events that occur at Chicano park. The Transportation and Housing Committee will be among the first to be able to vote on the bill, however, that vote has not yet been scheduled in San Diego.
If you or someone you know has already been hurt on the Coronado Bay Bridge or elsewhere in the area as a result of a drunk driver, distracted driver, drowsy driver or someone otherwise engaging in reckless behavior, you may be entitled to recover compensation by filing a personal injury claim.