A new analysis by the Federal Insurance Office of the Federal Government analyzed basic liability car insurance for over 9,000 zip codes across the country. The zip codes were selected based on having large proportions of consumers including people with up to moderate incomes as well as minorities.

Unfortunately, the study revealed that millions of individuals are living in areas in which car insurance is simply unaffordable. The study says that unaffordable areas are those where the ratio of the typical auto premium to household income exceeded 2%.

Across the nation, the typical household will spend approximately 2% of its annual income on auto insurance. Many individuals who have recently been involved in a San Diego car accident will have questions about how such an incident will influence their car insurance. They will also have questions about how to tap into their insurance policy and whether or not it is in their best interests to consult directly with the car insurance company.

Sadly, the car insurance company to which you have been paying premiums for months or even years may try to encourage you to accept a settlement amount that is far less than what you deserve.

Likewise, another party’s insurance company, should you choose to move forward with a personal injury claim, may also pressure you to accept a settlement amount below of what you would otherwise anticipate.

Having a personal injury attorney who will assist you with a situation like this and determine whether or not a settlement offer is fair is strongly recommended.