A new ZenDrive national study identified that speed demons and aggressive drivers, along with people who are addicted to their phones are most likely to be involved in distracted driving accidents. Although many states already have laws on the books against texting and driving and a growing number forbid any handheld phone calls while operating a car, distracted driving was the primary cause of accidents that caused more than 3,400 fatalities across 2016.

The driver personas study carried out by Zen Drive looked at machine learning methodology to analyze 2.3 million drivers between a three-month period over 2016 and 2017. Together the group traveled 5.6 billion miles and the study looked at the percent of time speeding, trip duration, percent of miles driven on weekends, percent of hours driven at night, percent of the time using the phone and hard brake and aggressive acceleration for every 100 miles of driving.

Six driver personas emerged out of this vehicle study. The relative risk for every persona was then calculated by looking at the total number of collisions by the number of drivers. The three groups of the highest risk levels made up one third of all drivers; phone addicts, frustrated drivers and speed demons. Phone addicts spent three-point times more than the average person on the phone while driving.