A new study shows that even though pedestrian traffic deaths across the country increased throughout the first half of 2016, recorded pedestrian fatalities across California took an 11% decrease. California’s rate of pedestrian fatalities dropped by 11% in the first six months of 2016, according to research gathered and presented by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association. Across the rest of the country, however, these same data points saw a 7% spike.


The survey showed that the pedestrian fatalities increased by 11% across all of 2016 across the nation. California’s double digit decrease in pedestrian accidents was associated with a number of measures designed to raise awareness about pedestrian safety, including better safety equipment, public education and collaborating with safety advocates and law enforcement. Some of the ways that drivers and pedestrians can help minimize the number of pedestrian fatalities across San Diego and California include:

  •       High visibility crosswalks
  •       Refuge islands
  •       Hybrid beacons for pedestrians
  •       New traffic signals
  •       Better street lighting
  •       Automated enforcement
  •       Appropriate crossing time and countdown pedestrian signals

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