Back in the mid-1970s, the top posted speed limit in the United States was 55 mph.  Times and speed limits have changed since then, but the thought was that all streets — freeways or residential streets — still need to have clear signs posted.

One road in North County doesn’t have a speed limit sign posted because officials believe posting a sign could lead to more car accidents caused by speeding.

Centre City Parkway in Escondido has no posted speed limit signs. This could eventually lead to injuries or wrongful death because speeding is attributed to thousands of car accidents every year. (SOURCE: NBC San Diego)

Our car accident attorneys believe there is no reason for a driver to be traveling too fast.  When push comes to shove, getting somewhere safely holds precedent over getting somewhere quickly.  Many times, speeding causes car accidents because it cuts down on the amount of time you have to avoid another car or anything else that would cause a car accident.

Speed limit signs are one way to prevent speeding, which can lead to a car accident, but Centre City Parkway in Escondido, California doesn’t have any posted for an interesting reason.  The parkway happens to be a highway in actuality.

It’s classified as a highway because it was previously U.S. 395 until Interstate 15 was completed to the west of it in 1978.  Drivers typically go about 40 mph, according to the Escondido director of engineering services.  The director believes putting up signs could lead to speeding, which in turn, can lead to a car accident causing personal injury or wrongful death.

“When you post a speed limit, people tend to drive that speed or a little above.  The last thing we’d want to do is post it at 65 mph.”

Our Escondido accident lawyers believe that even if the city’s intentions make sense, the fact there is no speed limit sign makes it dangerous.  Sure, drivers may normally drive at about 40 mph, but what about the person attempting to reach light speed?  Just to be safe, maybe city officials should think about posting a sign where the speed limit is 40 or 45.

Isn’t it worth it if it saves lives?

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