Through their past cases and years of experience, our firm’s San Diego paralysis lawyers have seen many causes of spinal cord injuries and paralysis, but this one is new…or should we say old?

An outbreak of paralysis in Tajikistan is a sign that polio is alive and kicking, according to a report from National Public Radio (NPR).  After decades of efforts to eradicate the disease, it appears that it has made a comeback in Central Asia.

Could polio be the cause of a paralysis scare in Tajikistan?

The polio virus might be responsible for an outbreak of paralysis in Tajikistan (Source:

So far 120 cases of acute paralysis in Tajikistan have been reported in the span of two weeks to the World Health Organization (WHO).  The last time a polio case was reported in the region, the year was 1991.

Acute paralysis is not a spinal cord injury like the types found during slip and fall accidents or crashes on the road.  When muscle do not respond to stimulation, instead remaining limp and lifeless, that is what is classified in medical terms as acute flaccid paralysis.

“People working on polio eradication don’t see this as a derailing.  It’s more of a wakeup call,” says a rep of the WHO’s Polio Eradication Program.

There are many things that can cause acute paralysis and polio has already been confirmed in some of the Trajik patients.  For many, the red flags have now gone up to help with prevention for the future.  The region of Asia where Tajikistan is located already has upped their number of polio-vaccinations and treatment programs.

Now, it looks like they’ll have paralysis treatment to the list, if only for the timebeing.

Our firm’s paralysis lawyers hope that the WHO and other health organizations can keep a tight lid on this polio outbreak, so that the people of Tajikistan can recover fully recover from their infections and so it does not spread to neighboring countries.

As they say in the athletic world: “the best defense is a good offense.”

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