A 26-year-old individual suffered fatal injuries after he was struck by a car in San Diego. The accident happened at the intersection of Fairmont Avenue and Aldine Drive, according to a police officer who arrived at the scene.  In any case in leading to a pedestrian killed, his or her family members may be eligible to pursue a wrongful death claim with the help of a lawyer. Do you know about an accident with a pedestrian killed? If the accident was due to another person’s negligent behavior, this could form the basis of a personal injury lawsuit filed on behalf of the deceased.

In this case, the pedestrian was believed to be crossing southbound on Fairmont Avenue or walking in the street when he was hit by a Nissan Maxima. The pedestrian was still alive at the scene but passed away from his injuries after being taken to an area hospital.

The driver involved in the accident was not arrested and drugs and alcohol were not believed to have been involved. However, this accident illustrates the severity of pedestrian accidents. Being involved in a pedestrian accident exposes a person walking in or near the road to significant injuries. Many of the victims in pedestrian accidents in San Diego end up paying the price in the form of their lives. Being struck by a car has many different repercussions that can continue to affect a victim for years to come.