The dangers of war are well known, but did you know that sometimes those who come back from fighting might have brain damage that is not found for weeks, months, or years after their days of fighting?

To make sure that our veterans are not left with the debilitating effects of a traumatic brain injury, the Pentagon is implementing a new policy to take soldiers out of the field for 24 hours after a brain injury.  According to CNN, U.S. forces plan to implement this new brain injury policy in the next few weeks.

The Pentagon is now requiring 24 hours rest after U.S. troops that sustain brain injuries in combat (Source: CNN)

Our firm’s San Diego brain accident lawyers believe that it is always a good idea to protect our soldiers’ health by trying to prevent the long-term side effects of a traumatic brain injury.  In the heat of battle, there are opportunities for brain injuries.  Between the stress or adrenaline, one might not realize a concussion, skull fracture, or worse.  Going back into combat might mean another hit to the head, making the prior injury worse with each blow.

Many of the recorded brain injuries — ranging from mild concussions with limited symptoms showing up to severe hemorrhages that could be lethal — are the result of roadside bombs that send blast waves to the heads of troops.  Even with a helmet on during active duty, a blast within 55 yards of a soldier can cause serious head injury.

According to a RAND study in 2008, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) may be affecting close to 300,000 U.S. troops who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Worries have grown that soldiers who take one or more hits to the head do not get proper diagnosis of their brain injuries.  Often times they are sent back into combat before having enough time to properly heal.

Many soldiers have returned home with amnesia or concentration difficulties, which can affect them for the rest of their lives.  Hopefully with this new initiative, these cases will decrease because troops will not be sent into combat with an undiagnosed or untreated brain injury.

Our San Diego brain injury attorneys think that this policy should also be used for athletes, workers, and any one else who sustains a traumatic brain injury.  The brain is a sensitive organ and one that needs the time to recover from an injury.  Pushing it too hard will only make matters worse and could one day lead to permanent brain damage.

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