The amount of work that your brain is responsible for is nothing short of incredible. The brain operates the senses, the motor functions (arms and legs) and the superhighway of neurons carrying information like pain or pleasure. With such responsibility being placed on one organ, it's essential that this one organ fires on all cylinders. One thing that irreversibly can alter the brains function, though, is brain damage. Brain damage is most commonly caused by head trauma during a traumatic brain injury.

What is Brain Damage?

Brain damage defined as to the destruction or deterioration of brain cells. Every year, about 1.4 million people have some type of brain injury in the United States. Another 5.3 million people suffer from the effects of brain damage. Permanent injury is just one of the possible outcomes of brain damage. About 50,000 people die as a result of a brain injury.Another thing to note about brain damage is its unpredictability. There have been many documented cases of people who suffer from some kind of head trauma. The effects of the cause can be as small as a little headache. What people may not know is that you could have a headache one minute, and drop dead from brain damage the next.

Is There More Than One Degree of Brain Damage?

Yes. Brain injuries depend on how severe the brain damage is. Brain injuries typically fall under one of three categories: 1. Mild Brain Injuries A person with a mild brain injury is dazed or confused. If they lose consciousness at all it is brief, lasting no more than a few minutes. 2. Moderate Brain Injuries A moderate brain injury causes loss of consciousness that lasts from several minutes to several hours. Confusion lasts weeks or months, and impairments last for months or are permanent. 3. Severe Brain Injury Severe brain injuries cause loss of consciousness for days, weeks, or months. This includes can include a coma, vegetative state, or locked-in syndrome.

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