PokemonGo has gotten a lot of media attention lately, but not all of it has been positive. While the game has reignited an interest in the creatures and become the newest phone craze practically overnight, plenty of news stories have documented how much trouble some people have putting the phone down when it’s time to focus on other activities. It’s not just in California, but in fact, PokemonGo accident stories involving drivers and pedestrians have become the norm.

One driver in Baltimore was caught red-handed in his quest for capturing a Pokemon creature when he slammed into a Baltimore police officer’s vehicle. Since the officers were standing nearby with a body camera activated, the entire incident was caught on film. While no one was injured in the incident, the driver was embarrassed and confronted police on his own accord, owning up to the fact that he was playing the game behind the wheel.

All of the car accidents associated with PokemonGo don’t have the same positive outcome with no injuries. The sad news is that all of the accidents linked to the game are entirely preventable. Texting and driving and using a handheld phone are already banned in most locations, but too many people assume they can stay focused while engaged in these activities behind the wheel. Unfortunately, most of them discover far too late that the outcome of playing PokemonGo behind the wheel can come at a major price.

Individuals hurt in accidents as a result of PokemonGo may have grounds to file a personal injury claim. Those people playing the game while trying to drive could be facing major penalties in a lawsuit. It’s much safer to put the game down and resume it later on when not in the car. On its own, PokemonGo is safe, but you should always watch where you’re going as a pedestrian and avoid playing the game altogether as a driver.