Being on the road with other drivers while it is heavily raining can be nerve-wracking for anyone in San Diego. There are impacts on traffic flow, operations and roadway challenges that emerge because of precipitation. Be aware of any of the risks associated with driving while it’s raining. Know that even when you are driving cautiously that you can’t count on anyone else to exercise that same caution, so leave plenty of spacing between each car. 

If you’re behind the wheel when it starts raining, be aware that your tires might not have as much traction on the road. Watch out for the risk of hydroplaning, which can be especially deadly near bridges and other areas above water.

Operational issues include traffic signal timing, problems with vehicle traction, adjusted driver behavior and capabilities, and institutional coordination to address flooding and other concerns. Traffic flow can be affected in terms of time delays, accident risks, traffic speed, and roadway capacity. Precipitation has ripple effects that can lead to slowed down traffic and big accidents. 

Finally, the roadway itself can also be significantly affected by the level of precipitation currently striking the pavement. This can impede pavement friction, obstruct lanes or even cause problems with distance visibility. Any type of weather event may be associated with a much higher risk of being involved in a serious accident. If you were recently involved in a critical incident and believe that you need to file a lawsuit to recover compensation, you need to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney today.