When a doctor says that you should do something in the best interest of your health, say to avoid brain damage, you would follow his or her orders, right?  What if it meant that you could no longer do the thing you loved most?

Many young Canadian athletes who suffer serious brain accidents hate one doctor in particular because he tells them that their days of playing contact sports are over, according to a story in the Winnipeg Free Press.  This is because trauma is the leading cause of death for Canadian residents under the age of  44, with head injuries being high up on the list.

Our brain injury lawyers know that sports injuries are one of the top causes of brain injuries and they are no joke.  You might think that if you get hit in the head during a game that it is just a minor headache and you can shake it off.  In reality, you might have a concussion, which is a serious personal injury.  However, repeated concussions and second-impact syndrome, where the brain and the head experience several high powered collisions in a short period of time, are unacceptable in his book.

“When athletes come to see me and they’ve had several concussions and they haven’t recovered, I have to tell them that you can never play again, never participate in contact sports ever again because you have used up your reserve, and it’s too dangerous to go back and put yourself at that risk,” says a spinal-cord and brain-injury expert.

ThinkFirst Canada, the country’s non-profit injury-prevention organization, was founded in part by the doctor in 1992.  Since then, he’s been working hard at ThinkFirst to educate the public about the dangers of brain injuries, yet has been unsuccessful even when he diagnoses a brain injury that is severe and perhaps even life threatening.

But no matter how much the young athletes or even their parents moan and complain about their children about his orders, the doctor remains firm: continuing to play high-contact sports after nearly duplicated hits to the head are dangerous, causing personality changes, amnesia, and even the psychology of one’s brain.

Our San Diego law firm’s brain injury attorneys feel the exact same way as this doctor. If you are an athlete who plays contact sports and have taken repeated blows to the head, we urge you to have a doctor check it out and find some other way to participate in the sport that will not get you hurt.  We might not be doctors, but that’s our orders to make sure that only the game, not your life, is over.

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