According to the NHTSA, car accidents are the number one killer of people aged 15-20.

Teen car drivers are more likely to run red lights, speed, make illegal turns, and other risky driving activities.  It is not just the teenage automobile drivers who are at risk; their passengers are also at risk for a terrible automobile accident.  Teens in general are five times more likely than an adult to become involved in a fatal auto or be in a wrongful death auto accident.  According to the IIHS, 61% of teens who die as a passenger during a car accident, were in a car driven by another teenage automobile driver in 2002.

That is why the AdCouncil is attempting to spread the word about the direct relationship between reckless teenagers automobile drivers and the huge risk of being involved in an teenage auto accident or even a teenage wrongful death accident.  An excellent website for the teenage car accident prevention campaign, called UR the Spokesperson, calls on teenagers to speak up for themselves when they feel uncomfortable riding about someone’s driving.

Oftentimes, teenage drivers might feel peer pressured into risky driving behavior (because it’s the cool thing to do, maybe), but if more car passengers spoke up to ask the auto drivers to STOP driving recklessly, the automobile drivers may even be relieved that they do not have to prove themselves cool in that way.

Our car accident attorneys support this important automobile safety car accident prevention position, wants all teenagers, not just the one who has car driver’s licenses, to feel and act responsibly for their own and other’s safety.  In that way, they can hopefully reduce needless wrongful death automobile accidents.

While we are pleased to report that more and more teens are donating organs after a terrible wrongful death automobile accident, their wrongful deaths must stop.

We encourage all parents to talk to their teenagers, automobile driving and non-automobile driving, about the dangers of reckless behavior which can easily lead to preventable and unnecessary automobile accidents.  The UR the Spokesperson website has more information and factsheets that can help you with this talk.

However, as car accident lawyers, we also know that a simple talk is not enough.  All one has to do is examine all the car accidents that adults get into due to reckless driving which leads to many car accidents and wrongful deaths!  Why should teenagers listen to you if you are doing the things you warn them against?

Our car accidents attorneys strongly believe that you cannot just “talk the talk,” but you must also “walk the walk.”  Accordingly, as parents, we MUST set good examples for our children and teenagers.  That means stop car speeding, do not use your cell phone while driving your car, and do not eat or drink while driving a car, as any one of these activities can easily lead to a car accident.

Finally, this may seem obvious, but drinking and driving a car must stop, as statistics show that there are not only are there too many adult DUI car accidents but far too many teenage DUI car accidents.

With good and smart car driving behavior, you can greatly reduce the risk of an auto accident occurring, and you set a good example for your teenagers to follow.  We know that this simple change will undoubtedly make the roadways and traffic safer for your child and others from a terrible car accident or a wrongful death automobile accident.

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