Traumatic head injury patients that receive medical treatment at one of three California hospitals may be given the option of experimental treatment to possibly help with their brain injuries.

San Francisco General Hospital, Stanford Hospital and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center are taking part in a national clinical trial that involves about 1,100 patients at 17 hospitals in the United States.  The trial involves an IV infusion of the hormone progesterone, which doctors hope will improve brain injury recovery.  Progesterone naturally occurs when women are either pregnant or going through their menstrual cycles, and our brain injury attorneys are curious about what this hormone could potentially do for patients with traumatic brain injuries caused by car accidents or a slip and fall.

Despite the possible benefits of progesterone, there have been some ethical considerations being brought up.  Because the hormone has to be given to patients within hours of being injured, some patients nor their families will be able to consent in participating in the trial.  Getting informed consent from patients or next of kin is important for running an ethical medical experiment.  This is actually required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for most clinical trials.

The FDA made an exception to the rule in this case because getting patient permission would make the research impossible and that treatment could greatly improve a patient’s health.  If the treatment is successful, the trial could be a much needed breakthrough to treat brain injuries according to researchers.

Twenty years ago, a researcher noticed that pregnant rats recovered from head injuries better than males.  This got scientists’ attention as a potentially helpful drug for treating injuries.  Doctors hope that by giving patients progesterone within four hours of injury, they can prevent cell death and limit brain damage.

Our brain injury attorneys in San Diego believe that if there are some methods that doctors have developed that possibly aid in treatment in brain injuries or any injuries, these methods should be explored before they are out right eliminated.

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