Quadriplegia is not an easy thing to live with, no matter how old you are.  When you are older, a spinal cord injury will weigh heavily on your body and most likely cause frequent aches and pains.  When you are young and you realize your whole life has taken a drastic turn can be a tough thing to come to terms with in addition to the physical hurt.

That’s why our firm’s paralysis attorneys in San Diego are happy to see that young high school couple is taking an optimistic outlook for the future despite a spinal cord injury that left one half of their relationship quadriplegic, according to the Press Democrat.

Two teenage high school graduates plan life together, in quadriplegia and in health.

The couple were dating in high school and celebrating his graduation last year on the Russian River when a dive into the water changed the man’s life forever, causing a severe spinal cord injury along with a broken neck.

The six-foot-three teenager with hopes of one day turning pro on the golf circuit was airlifted to the Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital emergency room, with his girlfriend not far behind.  She has stayed by him ever since, through every spinal cord treatment and physical therapy session, even raising thousands of dollars for her boyfriend that she plans on moving in with soon.

That decision, along with the one to jointly attend Santa Rosa Junior College together, was made about two months ago.  The man’s mind is still in tip-top form, even if his body is struggling to adjust to his physical paralysis.  His mathematics skills are off the charts and he can beat a computerized chess game on the hardest level.

As his dark-haired, 17-year-old girlfriend looks to finish high school next month, and the young man is searching to find a way back on his feet.  He can feel some sensitivity in his neck, which means that his nerve impulses are starting to recharge and come back to life nearly a year after the paralyzing accident in the river fractured two of his vertebrae.  His outlook for recovery remains unknown, as nerves damaged in a spinal cord injury do not usually heal completely or quickly.

The 19-year-old wants the use of his arms back the most, but his quadriplegia continues to prevent him from using any part of body below his neck.  Until his body starts responding to treatments, the young couple continues to have bright predictions for their life together.

Having the young woman in his life has helped with him recovery process.  The couple has been together for two years and our firm’s paralysis attorneys in San Diego wish them many more years together.  It won’t always be easy, but nothing with a spinal cord injury ever is.  Sometimes the best remedy, though, is having someone by your side who can help you with your recovery every step of the way.

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