A recent accident that led to three individuals being injured in a four-vehicle crash, one of which was an MTS bus in Chula Vista, police officers think that the cause of the accident was drag racing. Drivers focused on trying to race someone else may not be paying attention to their surroundings, putting everyone at higher risk of being injured in an accident.

One of the two vehicles believed to be drag racing slammed into the bus, according to police who responded to the scene of the accident. Another vehicle going in the other direction was also struck in the accident. When the one vehicle tried to race another, the second vehicle attempted to avoid getting involved and ended up hitting the bus.

A bus passenger and two drivers were taken to area hospitals to minor injuries although other bus passengers reported that the accident was jarring and scary for them on the bus. The accident could have been much worse if the vehicles had collided at any faster level of speed.

Drag racing or any other form of street racing in general in San Diego is extremely dangerous because other drivers are not anticipating vehicles moving at faster speeds in usual or leaving in and out of traffic. Drag racing can lead to serious multi-car pileups just like this one and render other individuals the victims of severe injuries. Drag racing is linked all too often to car accidents. Between 2001 and 2010, 122 crashes involving drag racing led to the deaths of 153 people.

When vehicles are traveling at high speeds and slam into other vehicles, bicyclists or pedestrians, it can be those innocent victims who end up paying the price in the form of severe medical injuries that impact them for the rest of their life.

Individuals who have been hurt in any accident like this would do well to consult with their medical professionals as soon as possible, as many of the injuries typically associated with such accidents do not present right away, including head, neck, and brain injuries.