According to recent reports from the California Highway Patrol, during one night a 113 crashes between midnight and 8:00am were recorded while rain was coming down heavily. That was a late autumn storm on November 21st, but it is expected that rainfall can accumulate during any month in San Diego.

Among the top rainfall amounts collected in any 24-hour period across San Diego County, this November 21st night became one of the most prominent. The rain contributed to many different traffic accidents on local freeways as well as unincorporated areas. On days without any inclement weather, the California Highway Patrol will typically log approximately a 140 crashes. However, 113 crashes occurred between midnight and 8:00am on that day.

In addition to the problems that rainfall can cause such as slick roads and difficulty seeing, dusty winds could also be to blame. Blowing dust and sand can make it more difficult to see. During that particular night, a wind advisory was in place for the deserts as well as the mountains.

San Diego County car accidents can occur for many reasons, but it is important to take extra precautions when you are heading out on the road and inclement is expected. Taking these precautions such as driving slowly and making sure that you always have your lights on for maximum visibility could help prevent San Diego County car accidents and personal injury claims.