If a car catches on fire in an accident, you need to understand how to react quickly. A violent crash in Oak Park recently left one car going up in flames shortly after 10.30pm on a Friday evening. An individual was trapped inside the vehicle. The car struck a tree and two parked cars while driving on 54th Street. If you’re in an accident and it involves a car catching on fire, you need to be able to react quickly to protect yourself and anyone else inside the car. How you choose to react could save your life and prevent further accidents and injuries.

This accident highlights the dangers of being involved in a car when it catches fire. Car fires are more common than you might suspect. According to research presented by the National Fire Protection Association, up to 33 car fires were reported every single hour across the United States. Least experienced drivers are most likely to suffer fatal injuries in a car fire. This includes young adults and teenagers. Regular car maintenance and safe driving are some of the most important ways that you can prevent vehicle fires. The majority of car fires are caused by split fuel pipes or fuel line malfunctions. Ensuring that your car is evaluated in a tune-up at least once a year can help to minimize the chances of a serious car fire.

In the event that you see smoke coming from your hood or smell something strange indicating that it could be the car catching on fire, it is strongly recommended that you pull safely to the side of the road and get out of the way of oncoming traffic. You could potentially crack up in the hood if you see smoke but no flames coming from the hood. Using a fire extinguisher can be dangerous because improper use of fire extinguisher can be dangerous. Bear in mind that opening the hood all the way could cause the flames to ignite. Never attempt to extinguish it if fire or smoke is coming from the rear of the vehicle. Contacting 911 is strongly recommended if you suspect a car catching on fire.