Pringles Chips have a motto that “once you pop, the fun don’t stop.”  That might be true, except when it comes to product liability concerns with the chips.

The Christian Science Monitor reports that Pringles are recalling several products due to concerns of personal injury caused by salmonella in the chips’ ingredients.  A spokesperson for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says the reason these items, totaling 26 products, were recalled is because they are considered “ready to eat” foods.

Pringles is recalling several products over worries of salmonella contamination (Source: The Christian Science Monitor)

Our San Diego personal injury attorneys would like to know if any one has experienced pain or suffering after eating Pringles, namely the meat-flavored kinds being named in the recall.  So far, no official reports have documented individuals seeking medical treatment for illnesses, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it hasn’t happened.

The FDA says that there is a relatively “low risk” for those who eat Pringles, but you should know a few things about the recalled products to avoid illness in your household.

The taco and hamburger flavored chips are being added to a list of voluntarily recalled products by Pringles’ parent company, Procter & Gamble.  A design defect has been found in the recipe, which contains a “flavor-enhancer” known as hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP).  It was this protein that was found to have traces of salmonella in it.

The FDA defines HVP as “a substance used in small amounts to add flavor to many commercially processed foods, such as soups, hot dogs, chili, stews, dips, salad dressings, gravies, frozen dinners, and snack foods.”

So why these meat-flavored chips and not all the other ones?  The “kill step”, a step in the recipe that kills bacteria  factory foods, as well as actually cooking the chips to eliminate bacteria, wasn’t included in the processing.  Products might have left the factory tainted with harmful microbes that could hurt those who eat the chips.

Our firm’s San Diego personal injury lawyers stand by the FDA on this recall and urge you to throw out any foods you might believe have been contaminated with salmonella.  For more information about the recall, go to this website and more details are listed.

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