Fatalities on California roadways have garnered increasing attention from legislators, regulators and safety advocates who are looking for ways to cut down on lost life due to preventable vehicle accidents. A minor was recently killed in an I-15 crash in San Diego. That San Diego fatal accident has regulators wondering if there are better ways to stop these accidents from happening in the first place.

The stretch of Interstate 15 near Mira Mesa was opened shortly after a fatal accident occurred. According to the California Highway Patrol, shortly after 3 pm on the day of the accident, a silver BMW was traveling southbound in the high occupancy vehicle lane. The driver of that vehicle lost control and hit the center divide.

In that San Diego fatal accident, the car then bounced off the center divide again, and one of the passengers of that vehicle was thrown from the car. The victim was killed. The other two people involved in the accident had moderate injuries and were taken to a local hospital. The California Highway Patrol is still carrying out their investigation as to what caused this accident. However, teen accidents are extremely common due to drivers’ lack of experience and willingness to take greater risks.

Teens may suffer catastrophic injuries or cause vehicle accidents with others that lead to fatalities. If you’ve already been injured in such an accident, you can benefit from the insight of a lawyer. When anyone is involved in a San Diego fatal accident, family members are left dealing with the aftermath and may even file a wrongful death claim.