Pedestrian and vehicle accidents near schools are a problem regardless of where the school is located but a group of San Diego parents have banded together in order to demand safety updates that would help to protect children in and near the school.

Parents in Bay Park have requested that the city of San Diego update an intersection following an accident in which a mother was struck and killed in a school crosswalk. Near Longfellow Elementary School, the city has already made some changes such putting in a new crosswalk, however, parents are arguing that more needs to be done.

The victim in the accident was thrown 10 feet from the collision and died several days after the accident happened. Some of the requests from parents include traffic signals, more lighting, better signage, and other safety measures. Certain advocates and parents in the area are asking for a study to figure out whether or not placing a traffic signal at that intersection would be viable in addition to other safety measures that could help to reduce the number of severe or fatal accidents.

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