Our San Diego paralysis attorneys want you to know that no matter how devastating an accident, how long a recovery time, or how bleak it might seem, you should not give up hope that things will get better.

A Hoover High School student never gave up, and she is enjoying the life she has rebuilt.  Last fall, the young woman  was in a car accident on I-15 that gave her a spinal cord injury on her neck and killed her boyfriend, according to the San Diego Union Tribune.  An avid lover of sports and a star volleyball player at her school, the young lady didn’t know if she’d be able to get things in her life back to the way they once were.

After a car accident caused a spinal cord injury, volleyball star becomes a badminton player.

Of course, life didn’t get back on track exactly the way it was before the car accident.  She had months of spinal cord injury treatment to face in order to help her broken neck recover and the coming to grips with the loss of her boyfriend.  That’s a tough challenge to accept at any age, but especially at 18-years-old.

Still, the teen persevered through the complications of her spinal cord injury and focused on her future.  She had to stay home with a halo around her head for quite a while, but once she got back to school college applications, final exams, and scholarships were what the student athlete set her sights on.

The young woman eventually caught up with her work, not only being accepted to UCSD for the upcoming fall semester, but writing an essay that won her a $5,000 scholarship from the San Diego Chargers.  With all of the academics on her plate taken care of, she looked for a way to get back into playing sports, though her volleyball prospects didn’t look so good.

“I never doubted I’d play sports again, but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to walk right away,” she said, with the idea that badminton would be her game of choice for the upcoming season.

Before the spinal cord injury, she had been told she could be a singles player for the season by a Hoover coach, but she was doubtful that with her recovery and inexperience with badminton, that might not be possible.  However, the opposite was true.

But then all expectations were surpassed.  After partnering with the number one leading mix-doubles team player on the Cardinals.  The two were 11-1 this season, with only one loss to Scripps Ranch.  Now she is playing the net on Hoover’s team and playing it very well.

Our firm’s paralysis attorneys wish her the best as she continues on with her studies and athletics into her first year of college.  Her story is a tragic tale that ends with a triumphant finish, proving that you can find the strength to overcome any obstacle that a spinal cord injury presents.

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