With the number of deaths and injuries suffered by drivers and passengers due to car accidents everyday, one sometimes wonders if anyone ever thought the car buyers would be interested in a safe car.  And yes, innovators have thought “outside the box” for decades, but none of the ideas made it to the market for various reasons, including lack of visual appeal, induced dangers, and impracticality of the design by nature.

For our firm’s experienced car accident lawyers, the safety of everyone on the road is our main concern, so we appreciate how since cars were first invented, people have kept the safety of automobile drivers and passengers in mind.

One original design was a two-part body for the car.  The front section of the car would absorb most of the impact in the event of a car accident, while the passengers seated in the rear compartment would be cushioned from the front impact.

There was a single prototype built for this vehicle, and it was called the Sir Vival car, developed in 1958 (yes, just one car was made!).  This car also had installed rubber bumpers all around both the front and the rear compartments.

Unfortunately, this car and others like it were not mass produced due in part because car accident safety was not on buyer’s minds.  Our car accident attorneys, we believe buyers were considering what was the best looking car instead of what car would keep them out of accidents and requiring medical treatment.

Additionally, engineers considered this safety car impractical because separating the car into two compartments would greatly increase the weight of the car, and therefore use more gas making this automobile more expensive to drive than the competition.  This would also decrease the degree of control the driver would have over the automobile.  By having a separate front compartment, reaction times of the car itself would suffer and in the case of a car accident that is about to happen, the chances of avoiding it would decrease.

Also, the front section only accounts for frontal automobile accidents, but in the case of a rear impact car accident, the car’s passengers would be in even more danger than before.  Since the front of the car is separate, a rear impact automobile accident would be similar to sandwiching the rear compartment between the car behind and the car’s own front section.

Just as the car’s front section cushions the rear compartment in the case of a head-on automobile accident, the rear section also cushions the front section in the case of a rear end car accident.  As for the car’s rubber bumpers, that idea was adapted to become steel bumpers with rubber bumper guards.  This was even more effective than just pure rubber bumpers.

Our firm’s experienced car accident attorneys wish to remind everyone that cars are only as safe as the owners who drive them.  So make sure that you are always looking out for others on the road, wearing your seatbelt, and do not speed around deadly curves.

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