Working in personal injury for nearly 20 years now, our firm’s San Diego paralysis lawyers know the dangerous effects of alcohol on a human body.  Most of the time we see the tragic outcomes of drinking and driving, but in this case, alcohol might have led up to a paralyzing accident.

According to, a paralyzed man is suing a Canadian resort for serving him too much alcohol that caused his slip and fall accident.  The Whistler Mountain is accused of over-serving alcohol at a party, which caused the man, 26, to fall down a staircase.

A Canadian ski resort is facing a paralysis lawsuit for a slip and fall accident.

His lawsuit claims that on September 26, 2008, employees of the Whistler served too much alcohol during a party for his softball league.  Unsafe conditions were created by intoxicated guests, according tot he lawsuit, eventually leading up to the slip and fall accident that would change his life forever.

Holt is now quadriplegic as a result of his slip and fall accident.

Allegedly, a group of inebriated party-goers were mingling a the top of a staircase at the Whistler, getting set to leave, when he fell down the staircase onto a slab of concrete.  Details are sketchy at the moment as to his own state of sobriety.

Currently, the lawsuit is holding the Whistler responsible for not only his paralysis, but his damages as well, including emotional trauma, chronic pain, and anxiety.

Drinking, as our firm’s paralysis lawyers have seen in the past, must be done responsibly otherwise accidents can happen.  It is a shame that this man is now paralyzed and we hope that you can learn from his story about ways to avoid spinal cord injuries in your life.

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