Any time the neck takes a high-impact blow, that’s breeding grounds for paralysis, as our spinal cord injury attorneys in San Diego will tell you.  For this young man, multiple fractures to his neck were the cause of his spinal cord injuries and eventual death.

According to the Bleacher Report, a mixed-martial arts (MMA) athlete suffered a fatal spinal cord injury during a practice workout with another fighter in Argentina.

A mixed-martial arts fighter succumbs to a fatal spinal cord injury.

“The boy left the gym a quadriplegic and died 21 days later,” said one manager who heads up MMA training facilities all over Argentina.

The man had been training at Durante’s Tiger Gym for his professional debut as a mixed-martial arts contender.  Unfortunately, that day never came.  During a practice session, he was paralyzed from the neck down when two of his cervical vertebraes were fractured.

“What I could understand, after talking to people who were there, was that he was doing the double leg, took a guillotine and fell upon his neck, but nobody knows for sure what happened,” the facilities manager said.

His opponent during practice has been charged with second degree murder and the family is accusing the Tiger Gym of negligence.  Were the accident to have taken place in America, the family could collect damages for anything from medical bills to loss of enjoyment without their loved one in their lives.

There are so many things that can go wrong during a fight, even one where trained professional athletes are taking part in it for sport.  The danger, as our spinal cord injury attorneys know, comes with the territory.  That’s why regulations for United States mixed-martial arts events should require strict standards on what can be done in the ring and how hard a person can be hit in a certain area of the body.

Athletic fights are supposed to be exciting events, with the crowd cheering for one fighter or another, but at the end, everyone should walk out of the ring alive.

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