It was found that distracted driving is the worst in the northeast and the best across the Midwest. The death pool in the United States roads has been increasing higher than ever. And while people are usually to blame for these serious accidents, with more than 97% of fatal crashes being linked to human error, distracted driving should be relatively an easy one to address.

However, different methodologies have been used to explore how much distracted driving is still happening, including surveys of drivers, data collected from smartphone apps and the National Highway Traffic Safety Association’s fatality analysis reporting system. However, the data still indicates serious problems with distracted driving.

A Safe Wise study, for example, found that the average incidence of cell phone use leading to distracted driving across the country is around 14%. They found that this is most common among teenagers, although anyone in every age category can be involved in distracted driving behavior.

Erie Insurance also came to the same findings of the overall incidence of cellphone use being behind distracted driving crashes. They identified that around 61% of distracted driving-related crashes were associated with drivers daydreaming as well. The very concept of being distracted behind the wheel is becoming a very common issue raised in multiple different areas. If you or someone you know has already been hurt in a distracted driving accident, you need to set aside time to talk to an accident lawyer