Unfortunately, teenage drivers are a most expensive group of drivers to insure and this can lead to major car insurance bills and concerns even when a teen is pressuring a parent to add them to the policy and to allow them to drive. Rates can go up as much as 78%, according to research released by insurancequotes.com. If you’re nervous about adding a teen driver, make sure you do your research and come up with driving rules for that child.

That’s more than $1000, according to the average national car insurance bill and prices increase even more for boys than girls. Teen drivers are expensive to insure for numerous reasons. First of all, they are more likely to cause vehicle accidents than any other group, according to CDC research, and motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of fatalities for teenagers. Adding a teen driver to your policy as soon as they get a driver’s permit is a good rule of thumb.

Teens are also more likely to kill other people in these accidents than to die themselves, presenting a serious concern. Decreasing teen car insurance costs should never include trying to hide a teenage driver from your insurance company. You could have your policy backdated if an accident does occur and would have to be responsible for paying the other premiums or your claim could be denied outright. It may be cheaper to add your daughters into your insurance policy than it is for them to get their own and student status is another way to save on car insurance. The type of car that your teen will drive can also keep the insurance costs down.

Make sure that you research the cost to ensure that car and be aware of the challenges of putting your teenage son or daughter in a car that is too old. Getting a valuable car insurance policy and an umbrella liability policy can help to protect you and your loved one. If you or someone you know has already been involved in an accident with a teen driver, it is important to consult with a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible to walk through your rights. You may be eligible to recover compensation for the injuries you have sustained that will allow you to put your life back together and move on into a more successful future. Adding a teen driver shouldn’t provoke anxiety if you make an effort to teach and model good behavior and hold your teen accountable for their actions.