New car safety is thankfully a prime shopping factor when looking for a new vehicle. Cars with top of the line crash protection and standard auto braking could give you peace of mind and greater protection in the event of an accident. Vehicle safety has always been a feature critical for car purchasers, but given the number of serious car crashes every year, it’s become more important than ever.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, forward collision mitigation, which is becoming increasingly common in modern cars can reduce rear-end collisions by as much as 40%. Furthermore, the same system can help to reduce the injuries sustained in these situations when a crash is unavoidable by as high as 30%. 20 major automakers have recently agreed to equip the majority or all of their models with forward crash mitigation by 2022.

Manufacturers like Lexus and Toyota are leading the charge. While other methods like forward auto braking are currently limited to more expensive luxury cars, it can also be found on a few lower priced vehicles, including the very popular Toyota Corolla. Safety-minded shoppers must dig deep into the specification charts and price list for a vehicle before they opt to purchase something. This ensures that they identify a vehicle most in line with their individual needs and price points, but also with safety features that could help to prevent accidents or minimize injuries.